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Behind the Camera and Dreaming is an all encompassing lifestyle blog about family, toddlerhood, pregnancy, photography, recipes, mom and boy's fashion, DIY's, life in the hot and sweaty south and so much more!

Thank you for believing in Behind the Camera and Dreaming! This is my personal blog and the subject matter is focused on my family and me. I am a working mom (clinical social worker full-time and have a part-time photography business). I write about family oriented subjects, including parenting, pregnancy, motherhood, toddler behavior, likes, dislikes, as well as photography, home d├ęcor, diy projects, recipes, and sometimes fashion!
 If you are interested in Behind the Camera and Dreaming or Gray Mornings Photography working with your brand please contact me directly via email and I would be glad to discuss rates for sponsored posts and brand representation. These rates will be in line with what advertising networks that I currently work with offer for sponsored content and social syndication. 

All photos taken for sponsored content including product reviews remain copyrighted to me personally. While sharing in syndication is appropriate and appreciated, no photos should be edited, altered, added to, or cropped without first being approved by the photographer, Stephanie Clark. 

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