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Grocery Shopping, unprocessed

Monday, May 01, 2017

I often think how people would laugh at the conversations Wesley and I have over what I'm asking him to buy at the grocery store. I love that he grocery shops most of the time for us. He can get in and out of the store so much more quickly than I can. Mostly because I am constantly rethinking what I'm buying. I like to read labels and try to make the "better" choices for us and the kids. We have agreed on certain things that we definitely buy organic and other things that we don't feel it neccessary. There are also some things that we definitely need to give up. Organic or not, I try to focus on getting more fresh items than processed and teach the kids about real food. We are learning that our bodies can process the REAL stuff better than foods with lots of added ingredients that our bodies don't need. That's not to say that we don't eat the "fun" stuff, but we try to make sure we get our basics covered first.

On numerous occassions, we've had the conversation about buying real cheese and what that actually looks like when you are deciding in the store. So, its super conveinent that Arla has made that much simpler. We should know what goes into our food, so that we can make an educated choice and we are so happy we get to partner with Arla to introduce you to their Live Unprocessed lifestyle.

Arla has challenged kids to draw what they think some ingredients often found in cheese products look like. They want to prove that even kids should be able to understand what is in their food and I have to say, I do agree that we should start at an early age teaching them where our food comes from.  I've said here before, we work hard to teach them what's good for our bodies and what is not!

Arla challenged kids to draw xanthum, rSBT, and sorbic acid. You can see the response here.  

I took Ezra in the store with me to pick out some cheese and let him choose a few items for himself. The first thing he spotted, Apples! Then on to the bananas and then his favorite crackers.

Take a look at Arla Foods website and view some short behind-the-scenes videos that follow kids as they collaborated with a team of animators that brought their drawings to life.  Leave a comment with your favorite part for a chance to win your own sample pack of Arla Products!

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