Project Light 365 | January 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Starting fresh this year with a new perspective on light and what that word may mean in my life, I decided to take on a photography project for the year. If you've never done a 365 project, honestly, it's a big undertaking. For me this project is more than just taking a quick snapshot, it's capturing our lives as they are but in a way I want to remember. Some days that's hard. Some days the mornings go by so quickly and I take the kids to school and they don't get home until after dark. Right now, in this time of my life, they are the center, the heart beat and the light. So, naturally most of my photos are of them. In this first month, I have learned some creative ways to capture them naturally and stay true to my "light' project because that word is constantly at the back of my mind. 

While I didn't do it on purpose, looking through these photos, every single one of them were captured at home. A majority in our house, in our yard, behind our fence or on our street. It's kind of funny that I didn't do that on purpose, but it really represents January doesn't it? After the business of the holiday, it feels good to just stay home. Really though, we don't stay home every day, but home is where we unwind and spend time with each other. It's where we create so many memories and while I want my boys to have a sense of adventure that reaches the entire world, I also want them to have a home they love and will always want to come back to when they are no longer my babies. 

DAY 1 | 365

DAY 2 | 365

DAY 3 | 365

DAY 4 | 365

DAY 5 | 365

DAY 6 | 365

DAY 7 | 365 and DAY 8 | 365

DAY 9 | 365

DAY 10 | 365

DAY 11 | 365

DAY 12 | 365

DAY 13 | 365

DAY 14 | 365

DAY 15 | 365

DAY  16 | 365

DAY 17 | 365

DAY 18 | 365

DAY 19 | 365

DAY 20 | 365

DAY 21 | 365

DAY 22 | 365

DAY 23 | 365

DAY 24 | 365

DAY 25 | 365

DAY 26 | 365

DAY 27 | 365

DAY 28 | 365

DAY 29 | 365

DAY 30 | 365 

 DAY 31 | 365

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Are you doing a photo project this year? I'd love to see.  

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  1. I have tried to do a 365 project before and I never get far, mostly because of the whole hassle of sharing a photo every single day. I love that you have the whole month in one post! That's very smart of you. Your kids are SO cute. I especially like day 15


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