Weekend Wanderings. I'm going to go ahead a call...it's summer in the 'sip.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's officially May and in Mississippi that means, it's pretty much Summer. We may have a few cool nights (meaning in the 60's) but from this point until Mid-September you'll find us under a shade tree or searching for creative ways to stay cool without staying in the air conditioning. It's a challenge, but you guys I LOVE Summer! I love walking out my door to feel the heat smack me in the face, I love the slight burn you automatically feel when the sun touches your skin. Being pregnant in the summer won't be a breeze, I know I've done it before, so ice water and frequent trips to the air conditioning is a must, but I am so so glad warm weather is here! I plan on making my best efforts to cherish this last summer before our family of three turns into four. Four will be great too, but just making sure this time as three has a forever imprint on our hearts, instead of anxiously awaiting baby brother in the Fall.

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  1. I think this year is the year I need to take the kids to a ball game. Henry has never been!

  2. I am doing my darndest not to complain about the heat! It's so hard! :)


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