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Friday, June 28, 2013

morning light

saturday morning bed jumping or mom's attempt to convince dad we need a natural light studio space?
white walls, white sheets, and early morning light. i couldn't ask for a more perfect moment.

 and then i captured this one...

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  1. The lighting in these is just so warm and welcoming and amazing!

  2. Oh my I love these and the t-shirt is soooo cool!


  3. It's a's a's the cutest Superman ever :-) And oh, yes that is some gorgeous light!

  4. sweet little man - white room - terrific idea!

  5. Love the light! I'm currently making a lot of things white for the same reasons. J is such a cutie!

  6. Ha! These are so gorgeous- and he cracks me up! :) That lighting is beautiful! Don't you just love their early morning bedhead, and them wandering around in their tshirt and diaper. Its one of my favorites.

  7. SO beautiful!!! Yes, the white and the light does incredible things here.


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