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Easy Ice Coffee On the Go

Monday, May 20, 2013

When we bought our Keurig, I kind of made this deal that I'd actually use it to save a little money. As in, not buy coffee from the oh-so-convenient-but-seriously-overpriced coffee shop in the hospital where I work. I've done fairly good, but when it comes to the warmer months, I really want ice coffee and the K-cups for ice coffee are a little limited. So, I've come up with my own little recipe I thought I'd share. If I prepare a little beforehand it goes a long way! 


Choose a container that works for you. It could be a mason jar or some type of water bottle, I chose to use these Starbucks frappachino bottles I have saved from about a year and a half ago when SAMS had cases for a really good deal. Yes, I drank them all, washed them, and used them for a baby shower (and several other occasions as well).


Choosing your brew is going to be key! I normally drink a medium roast such as a house or breakfast blend, but for this ice coffee I chose a Bold coffee and I'll tell you why. 

My Keurig is the smallest one so the cup size is small - you use the same k-cup to brew a larger cup with a larger machine right? right. So, I decided to brew two medium size cups with the same k-cup. Still with me?
With the bolder flavor and the mixture it works out nicely for a nice creamy ice coffee while maintaining a nice coffee kick! 


or choose none. I chose to mix it up. I used my current Coffee Matte creamer in some and just skim milk and Splenda in others. 


  1. Brew one medium sized cup of Bold Coffee. Use a measuring cup for easy pouring. 
  2. Divide cup into two containers
  3. Brew a second medium sized cup and divided between the same two containers.
  4. Add Sugar/Splenda while still warm and let Coffee cool on the counter. I just covered with a paper towel to allow for cooling while I brewed more cups. 
  5. Once coffee is cooled to room temperature or cooler, I add my creamer/milk, cover and refrigerate.
  6. Let cool overnight or at least a few hours before drinking, when taking out of the fridge shake to mix everything back up and you are ready to go! 
  7. If you like it extra cold, leave a little room for ice the morning of... if it's already cold this will prevent more melting/watering down your flavor. 
  8. Enjoy! 
+++ I only make about a week's worth at a time (6 bottles or so) due to the milk expiration issue! You could always just add your creamer/milk the morning of! 

I'm thinking of trying some with just a little coconut milk next weekend, forgoing the artificial sugar and dairy. 

What are your favorite ice coffee recipes? Have you tried this with your Keurig? 

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  1. I am going to have to try this for sure!

  2. Yum.. I have a coffee machine and I have never even thought about using it for iced coffee! Thanks!

  3. I've found that I don't prefer coconut milk in coffee; the flavor sort of gets swallowed and it's more watery than I like. That said, I've only ever tried it in hot coffee. It might do something altogether different in cold. :)


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