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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last Monday, Mississippi got a hail storm like none I have ever seen. People reported up to softball sized hail. Not sure I believe that, but when I came home an hour and half after the storm, I found golf ball size still all over my yard.

It's kind of strange to look around and there is so much debris over the roads you can't really see where your going. This is familiar when hurricanes pass through and we know it's coming, but this 15-20 minute hail storm seems to have done it's fair share of damage seemingly out of nowhere. Still this morning driving to work, I passed more than one car with shattered windshields and busted tail lights.

Our damage was pretty minor but it's major ugly. Thank God I have a husband who can figure out how to fix things. We'll be getting a new roof, paint, shutters, condensing unit, and reimbursement for the window pains. I'm so happy none of us were home. It was extremely loud even in my huge hospital, but my neighbor said it sounded like someone was shooting windows out. It looks like it too.

We are healthy, happy and very blessed. Much worse could have happened and I'm so thankful it didn't. 

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  1. Wow! We have had a couple minor hail storms before, but never anything like this! It i so cool and somewhat awesome at the same time.....


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