Valentine Printable Freebies

Monday, January 21, 2013

While I'm still working on some things for my Gray Mornings Design Etsy Shop to reopen hopefully next month, I thought I'd make some Valentine Freebies! 

I'm actually currently using them in my house, BUT keep forgetting to buy a new ink cartridge. So, my banner is a sort of pink ombre. Truthfully, I kind of like it. ha! It looks better in person! 

To make the banner you'll need:
  • Printer (with red ink - hehe)
  • cardstock
  • string or ribbon
  • scissors
  • hole punch (optional - you can glue or staple to the string)
I used twine and washi tape to hang it between my windows in our dining room. 

  • Love printable will have to be cut down to 8x10 once printed for framing.

How are you getting ready for Valentines Day?
If you print this, please show me your pictures on instagram! I'm @stephaniesclark =)



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