2012 Week 33 Rewind!

Monday, August 20, 2012

This week was pretty normal <<< totally just jinxed myself. We spent the normal days at NaNa's She started the #nanasdaycare hashtag on instagram if you want to see the kiddos adventures that I don't steal and post here =) Cousin Emma started going to Mother's Morning Out so it was just him and Benjamin for most of the week.
 Jonah has been his happy outgoing playful self this week and I love it! He's also been REALLY hungry. Maybe he's growing... He's a little dude and could use a little weight height increase! I'm going to try to weigh him tonight and do his 10th Month Update post. I think his cousins - Jude and Ben - born 5 and 6 months after him are going to out grow him. So, I guess we should let him get his licks in now... ;)
So, right now we have one TV show that we watch like clockwork. We'll probably watch some more come Fall Premieres (Glee for sure) but of everything we could be watching Wesley always wants me to wait on him to sit down and watch Pretty Little Liars. The pictures below are him enjoying his guilty pleasure =) I think he's tweeting about it... make fun of him please. Also, there are way too many photos here of me with no make up/day before make up and looking disheveled. Real life people. . . it ain't pretty. 


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