WW: Musically Inclined?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We have been playing music for Jonah from day one. To soothe him, distract him, for fun, to entertain or just because it's playing in the background. Wesley and I have very different taste in music, but have managed to compromise on putting some kiddie stuff in the mix too! Now, I randomly sing Laurie Berkner while walking the halls of the hospital while I'm supposed to be working.

Anyway, we seem to have rubbed off on him a little. He (probably like most baby boys) LOVES things that make any kind of noise and can figure out how to make the noise with ease and will repeat steps over and over for the noise making to continue.

I'm also pretty sure he sings...it ain't pretty but it's a joyful noise!

How do you incorporate music into your child's life?


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  1. Since the beginning I used to turn the volume up to my favorite dance music and start dancing so my son quickly started doing it too! Music is so essential for them! I love your pictures and collages!

  2. Our "musical" instruments help create noisy chaos resembling music and rhythm. Also, I just let both kids beat on random things. The radio rocks as well...


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