Sunday, May 6, 2012


Not every. but most mornings Jonah wakes up in SUCH a good mood.

I usually hear him making a kind of fussy, but not really upset sounds over the monitor or being that he's right next door - I hear him 2xs as much.
 I'm usually dragging to actually get out of the bed. I SHOULD get up before him..since most of the time it's almost 7 before he wakes up...but usually I don't. Mostly, because I've stayed up playing on my computer until midnight. . .

But then, when I go to his crib to get him out. BAM! It's like he's running into your arms. Friday morning he was lying in his crib facing the wall - away from me and not really making much noise, but I knew he was awake. So, I gently rubbed his back and turned over so fast and just let out a happy squeal! Like he was playing BOO! I died. My heart swelled and I questioned HOW can I love this kid more and more everyday? and WHY can't I wake up like that!?


  1. hehe my Josh does this, I hear him in the morning just making small crying noises and the I walk in and he starts squealing , laughing and trying to hide in the duvet. x x

  2. He is just so sweet! My favorite time is in the morning when I get to pick my little one out of her crib. She is just so excited to see me. I miss her terribly at night.

  3. Awww. I like getting my kids in the morning too. They are almost always happy at that moment!


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