Thursday, May 10, 2012


WE have definitely LEAPED from Spring to full on Summer around here.

 (I missed the green week for Leap Into Spring by like hours, but wanted to post these anyway!) 
It's sandal wearing, sunscreen applying, sweat to death Mississippi HOT!
We thought this would be Mae Mae's last night in town (Saturday) but she got to stay a few extra days! =)
Seriously, I couldn't live without the air conditioner, but I'm also perfectly happy sweatin' it up lying in the grass under a shady tree (or on a sandy beach - which I NEEED asap!)
Saturday night there was a BIG celebration for my youngest cousin's graduation.
She's done amazing things to make it to this point and we're super proud...but I didn't get one picture of her.
So, here's an old one from her little girl's first birthday party back in November!
Congrats Casey!
I have some more photos from the night but I'm saving them for an upcoming, yet to be written photography post. =)


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  1. Beautiful flowers! (Love the sandals, too!)

  2. Oh my God does it sound hot! I am so miserable in the heat; it's nice to know someone likes it! I need my AC. Great shots by the way. Love the color of your piggy polish ;o)

  3. Wow... Beautiful beautiful photo's.. I love this post.. The polish, the flower's, so much happiness.. ;)) SOOOO LOVELLLLY!!! :)))

  4. Your second flower pic is especially dreamy. Your editing did a wonderful job of enhancing it!

  5. i love hydranga's (sp?). i thought about having them as my wedding flower, but ultimately went with a different choice.

    oh, i wanted to say, thanks for organizing and hosting the edit me challenge each week. i always look forward to it and learn a ton!! do you participate in it too?

  6. I'm always surprised that we go from comfortable spring to HOT summer so fast here in Texas! But I am excited about the summer, long lake weekends and pool time! Happy Mother's Day!

  7. I just realized that she is our youngest cousin! Craaazzy... There are so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I just lump us all together in my head! I guess in my mind that keeps us from getting old :)


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