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Edit Me: a lovely reminder

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

So this photo reminds me of the best shindig i've ever been to...our wedding. Photos on the beach at sunset...bliss! The guest judge for the week is Selena from Stoneyville and Selena Stoney Photography.

Edit Me
I could not wait to play with this photo! So, I took it into lightroom, adjusted temperture, clarity, brightness. Then on to CS5 where I used PTM's Sea Delight Action, adjusted layers to my liking and added the sun flare. Just a note on the sunflare. I copied my background layer, went to Filter>Render>Lens Flare then selected 50-300mm Zoom moved the + to the left side so that it aligned with the pre-existing flare. Then I used the eraser to take out the flare spots it made on the right side of the photo. I then cloned out the small green flare on his coat/pants.

The Clarks Day 1 November 8, 2008. swoon.

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  1. such a great edit! clean, and love the coloring!

  2. This is a beautiful edit! Love it!

  3. Beautiful edit. I know the couple would love it :)

  4. Beautiful, I love the sun flare you added. Nice touch.

  5. Beautiful edit, nice and clean and very similar to the edit I actual gave the clients! Great job!

  6. So fresh, clean and warm! Perfect edit!!

  7. I love your edit! I know nothing about filters and cloning...I have a lot to learn :). Thanks for sharing those tidbits!

  8. Very pretty...love the lens-flare!

  9. OK... I love YOUR wedding photo at the end! That's cool :>) The edited photo has a pretty clarity to it; very nice!


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