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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be Mine. Love, Jonah

Valentine's Day is almost here and with all the LOVE I've been experiening lately, we are already celebrating. I took this photo on the day Jonah was 3 months old. . . now he's 16 weeks. Time goes so fast. seriously. seriously.
Just look at those baby blues (okay they are kind of blue/gray) of course you'll be his! I printed a few of these out in 3.5x5 to send to some of our friends and cousins. Of course I haven't mailed them yet, better get on that asap!

I also, just for fun, made these cupcake toppers. Obviously, this isn't a cupcake it's two mini moon pies with a little melt icing drizzled on top. I thought it'd make for a cute photograph. Now, looking at it and my white on white cupcakes I wish I'd done colored icing with these toppers or the background of the toppers red instead of white. Anywho. If you'd like to use these for your Valentines party or a treat for the kiddos you can grab them from my DIY tab at the top of the blog! I used a 2" circle punch, but you can also cut them square.

I didn't get too many photos of the goodie bags but they are also available under the DIY tab.

By the way, I made these on Sunday and it's Thursday...there isn't a crumb left!
PS. If you'd like the template I used for Jonah's card just leave your email and I'll send it on over!
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