2012 Week 7 - Behind the Camera and Dreaming

2012 Week 7

Monday, February 20, 2012

2012 Week 7
February 13th - 19th
Naptime Momtog

This week was Jonah's first Valentine's Day!
Sunday Jonah turned four months old.
and it rained A LOT...

This afternoon is Jonah's four month check up! He's suppose to get shots, but we'll see. He's had a little bit of a cold, so we may have to wait. Either way I will be posting the new {mom}ents link up and his four month update! =) Be sure to link up!


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  1. Great photos...I love the one of the rain on the window!

  2. They grow so fast, such a handsome boy. Great shots this week.

  3. He is quite possibly the cutest thing ever! I can see why he is a favorite feature!

  4. What a cute little man you have. It's rained quite a lot here in South Africa this weekend, and it has been so enjoyed, we have been having a very hot dry Summer!

  5. Such a cute baby foot picture with the candy heart and love the rain on the car window shot.

  6. How perfect is that "my boy" photo?! LOVE!


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