Wordless Wednesday: Two Weeks Old

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I began writing and uploading some photos to my blog last night and then today some series of unfortunate events caused my computer to wig out! {booooo} So, now until it's fixed- which I hope will be very soon- I must just use my blogger app or hook up my other computer, but that doesn't give me my photos! Fortunately, my mom uploaded all photos from Jonah's birth to her computer also... so not all is lost. It will just take a little longer.

So, for now, I thought I'd show a few more photos and videos from my phone! Sorry if you follow me via instagram or twitter you may have seen most of these!

For some reason... I can't upload videos using this app so here is a link to Facebook where I post this video of two of Jonah's cousins, Emma & Connor, greeting him one day last week.


and then, she {snapped}
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  1. Happy 2 weeks Jonah! He is very precious! I hope Mom and Dad are adjusting well to parenthood, yall both look great!

  2. Awe happy 2 weeks baby Jonah!!!!! Such a precious little babe :)

  3. Oh my!! So precious! Happy 2 weeks Jonah.


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