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I {heart} editing..apparently.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

29 WEEKS!!
I will give a growing baby/gb/general pregnancy update in the next post...tonight or tomorrow =)

Today over at Simplicity, Faith is enjoying her first weeks with new baby Eli. This picture makes me long for the day (11ish weeks from now) I get to snuggle my own baby boy! Faith asked her readers to edit this photo and I jumped at the chance. I've been following her blog for a while now and have noticed that she likes clean simple edits that look natural. So, that's what I tried to do for this edit. I had a little more liberal take on this week's Edit Me for My Reflection of Something.

I did my usual process for this photo LR then CS5. Used mostly an adjustment brush for skin softening, brightening and clarifying eyes. I also darkened the exposure under of the small bit of background to make the lines of Faith's chin pop a little more. Then, I took it over to CS5 and played with the color a little. I warmed it up using a PTM action that I can't remember what it's called at the moment. I also cropped to a 5x7 framing size. If you want to know more about Faith and her little...

Now on to Edit Me Week 12.
This week's guest judge is Carrie from Page's Memories.
I said I was a little more liberal, but not really all I did here was use a Lightroom preset called Topaz. I will have to go back and look to see who I purchased it from (I'm really bad at this part), but I've been loving it for beach photos this summer! Of course I adjusted it a little. I also cropped this photo to a 5x7 framing size.
There are some amazing edits this week already. Especially from a couple ladies who've straighted the sky line, I was a little too busy lazy for that kind of work this week!
 My Reflection of Something

Last night we went out for a little dinner for my Mom's Bday!
 I didn't take my camera so these will have to do! It was good food and good company.
AND I WAS there...noone wanted my picture...apparently. =)

PS. It's lunchtime at work while I'm finishing up this post I started last night and I SWEAR the OTs must hate me! Brownies...AGAIN! Yes it's wonderful that they bake with the patients. It's a skill everyone needs, BUT it makes me want sweets so bad. =( and I'm pretty sure the air vents to the gym are directly blowing into my office with the door closed...

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  1. Beautiful job with your edits my friend.

  2. awesome, i love these posts every week! i'd love for you to link it or something else photography-related up to my photo friday link party tomorrow!

  3. your edit is awesome . . . and I'm grateful for your company keeping the crooked skyline. lazy photogs unite ;)

  4. I just LOVE your edits!! Thanks so much for editing my photo - yours is one of my favorites so far. I especially like the skin tones and smoothing look really nice.

  5. Both of your edits are seriously fantastic! I love how bright and beautiful you made the beach photo, and your edit of Faith turned out so soft and lovely!

  6. Such a refreshing edit! Thanks so much


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