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Let's hear it for the boys!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

So in my early morning stuper on Father's Day Sunday...I only took this one picture of my Daddy. . .
but after lunch I was awake enough to take some at the Clark's!

I love seeing my hubby's genuine smile when he's talking about our soon to be here baby boy! He was so proud of this shirt his family got him for Father's Day =)

There was a little basketball action in the neighbor's driveway in the afternoon heat!

I hardly ever post photos of my first born...hehe...so here ya go!

MeMe and Reese planted a small backyard garden from seeds this year and I asked Reese to show me what everything was...

This is a really late post, but I figured better late than never...right?

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  1. So sweet! Thanks for sharing them with us. I still haven't put up any Father's Day pictures. Soon, maybe! ;)

  2. What fun photos. Looks like a great Father's Day.


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