Unofficially Summer, Birthdays, and photos!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Now that summer is unofficially underway, there seems to be lots to celebrate! June is a month full of activity for us. I like it that way but WHOA! there's a lot to do. Here is a photo dump from the past few weekends!

splish splash!

 learning to's hard being one...and having only one car!
 I can't wait until my little one gets to join this group of big kids!

swimsuit model

On Sunday, we had a little birthday celebration for Andrea. We has lasagna and hung out with the family.

We made several attempts to get a Mommy/Emma were the only semi successes!

Over the past week there have been two other very special birthdays. My brother-in-law AND sister-in-law
Hope you had wonderful birthdays guys! I wish we could spend everybody's birthdays together.
June is crazy! We still have Connor's first birthday, Father's Day, and a trip to the beach!

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