Shoot Edit: Week 2 - Behind the Camera and Dreaming

Shoot Edit: Week 2

Thursday, January 20, 2011

here's my edit this week. I followed Ashley's suggestions then cropped. It's definately an improvement!
I wanted to do some other edits but I have some other pictures I want to edit and share so this is it for this weeks shoot and edit. I can't wait to get inspiration from all of the other edits.

ALSO, I worked on this banner for my sister Andrea's etsy shop! The new stuff is SO cute. If you have a little girl you must check it out {I hear she's adding some Jon Jons soon}. We've been discussing some kind of combined giveaway soon - so definitely check back!

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  1. Love the bright pop of color in your edit! :) Definitely makes me think happy thoughts of warm beverages!

  2. I think your edit is perfect. Love the color!

  3. Beautiful colors!! Great edit & such a cute mug! xx

  4. Wow, Stephanie! You brought your mug right out of the shadows and made it pop! Love it!

  5. Great job!!!! Love how bright the colors are now :-)

  6. Love the colors, and the mug is adorable!

  7. WOW! What a difference...great edit!


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