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wishing, hoping and treating myself

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I've been doing a lot of online window shopping while looking for gifts! Well we all know I just wind up shopping for myself a majority of the time, but I have FINISH about three quarters of my Christmas shoping!SO, just in case you were wondering....and I'm sure you were!
Here are a few things I'd love for Santa to leave under my tree!

The Clover!
Epiphanie Camera Bag
while it's a little pricey...I absolutely NEED it! =)
It holds up to a 15" laptop, camera body, 3 lenses, phone, keys, etc etc...

NOW I could REALLY use a shopping spree to Anthropologie.
Actually, I could just move right in...here are a few of my favorite things online right now!

AND Apple/iTunes gift cards are always welcome!

Anywho! I hope all of you get EVERYTHING on your list this year!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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  1. So the purse you want is your very own version of a diaper bag. Haha


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