Thursday, November 11, 2010

here come the holidays

I've been working on Holiday Card templates...

I'm thinking about just sending the dog out this year!
Is it weird to send a picture of yourself to people when you don't have kids?
I didn't send any last year . . .
the year before I sent a wedding photo on a "thanks for a great year" card
and the year before I sent an engagement photo with the date we got engaged since it was in November
but who really wants to get a picture of me and wesley?
maybe our moms =)


  1. Yes. Your mom does want a picture of you.

    And maybe I will set up a session this weekend to have Gizmo's picture taken. Think you have time. Should I get him an outfit?

    Love you bunches!!! Mom

  2. Very cute, love it. I am a new follower from Blog Frog.

  3. Hi following you from blog frog, be great to have you back.

  4. Um... I can't say anything for anything for the kidless crowd but I know that I would NOT want to get a photo of someone's pet as a Christmas card. I'm sure that the two of you have changed in the last year, and even if you haven't it's like a smile and a friendly hello to the people you're sending the Christmas card too.
    That's my two cents anyway :)

  5. Very cute - we don;t have any kids so we usually send out cute pictures of our dog and people always love them.

  6. Actually... I would LOVE to get a picture of Ari on your Christmas card. After all, he is a part of the family too!

  7. LOVE this card! Beautifully done!
    I'm a new follower.

    Amy's Life @


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