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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I really wanted to link up to the Daydream theme on Simplicity this week, but couldn't really think of the picture I wanted to post. I joked about posting myself in front of my computer at work. . . because I often do Daydream there (shh...our secret). I thought about taking pictures of my Holiday with Matthew Mead magbookazine because I do dream of a beautiful house, beautifully decorated for the season. I also thought of digging through my archives and finding a picture of the beach, where my worries just wash out to sea. 

However, I decided that since I uploaded these from this weekend I'd post a little preview of The Holley's. Not just because there were so many precious photos, but because I can tell they dream about this little girl everyday and cannot wait to meet her!

I am so happy for them &cannot wait to meet little Maddie. 
They are going to be GREAT parents!
This little girl will be so lucky!

On another note.
My heart has been so heavy lately.
I think the seasonal depression is setting in!
And well yesterday and today...have been a pair of THOSE days. . .
I'm asking for good thoughts, prayers, and positivity.
First, I have a family friend who needs prayers as her family faces a future caring for a child with Spina bifida. Secondly, we are still hopeful for a full recovery of Wesley's grandfather after his car accident. He's getting better but it's still a long road.
Lastly, I don't usually talk much about work on the blog, but some days it just consumes everything I think, do, and say. I often feel like I just can't take another day. I cannot hear one more AWFUL thing or my heart will EXPLODE! {in a bad way} Sometimes I just I just do not understand . . .
Looking at all the happiness around my friends and family who are achieving their dreams, becoming parents, checking off successes one after another. I wonder how I've been so lucky? Not that I haven't had my share of tragedy, disappointment, and hard times. BUT I've always felt like there is not just one person but MANY people who truly love and care about me. 
I am truly Thankful and will try my best to never take it for granted!

I know I don't have to say this to you all but love your children everyday and make sure they KNOW that you love them EVERYDAY! . . . even when you want to pull your hair out.


  1. This is a beautiful photo...I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

  2. In reply to your comment (and thank you for leaving one!)

    @ Stephanie Slater Clark

    I really wouldn't count on that. After all, they weren't the ones made in God's image!

  3. LOVE that photo. I am trying to playl with shooting into the sun..any tips? Thanks for the note on my blog, I LOVE meeting other bloggers!!! I also thank you for your encouraging note to love our kids. I have 3 and there are days that....oh boy...I'm surprised I am not gray headed by now, but I do love them and should tell them a TON more. Thanks for the reminder!!!

  4. love this shot. i too like kel could use some tips on shooting into the sun. was the burst sooc or was this done in post processing? either way great job!

  5. oh I LOVE this!! SO beautiful :)

  6. congrats to them:)and warm wishes your way for the friends and family.:) life is tough at times but it's also beautiful and God is very Good xoxo

  7. Thanks Guys and Gals!
    Tim- the burst is SOOC. There are edits to the photo mostly contrast/level adjustments.
    Tim & Kel- I will do a post about shooting into the sunlight. Not that I'm an expert =) but hopefully that will help. Look for it in the next week.

  8. That is a gorgeous photo. I will be praying for you and your friend. I can't even begin to imagine. By the way I am one of those who likes to shoot into the sun as well. ;) Some of my local photogs can't stand it.

  9. "Lastly, I don't usually talk much about work on the blog, but some days it just consumes everything I think, do, and say. I often feel like I just can't take another day. I cannot hear one more AWFUL thing or my heart will EXPLODE! {in a bad way} Sometimes I just I just do not understand . . ." I'm a clinical therapist and know exactly what you mean! Just remember what you're doing is making a difference!

    I will keep you, your family, and friends in my prayers.


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