Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brown Eyes

Simplicity's photo challenge this week is eyes and The Trendy Treehouse's theme is brown. So, I thought why not link up to both with a shot of the biggest, richest brown eyes I know.

This photo summarizes Fall in Mississippi perfectly.

All the leaves are turning brown, but it's still warm enough to play in the dirt in just a diaper...

OR in your Batman costume..

with your handy dandy laser!

It's so much fun to just go outside with kids and capture them having a good time.
You get the best pictures without a pose. =)
and MeMe's backyard is the obvious place for a good time!

one of my new favorites!
The only way to get our nephew Reese to smile for the camera...
put Ari in the picture with him!


  1. That 1st picture is priceless!

  2. Great shots but I agree, that first shot is beautiful.

  3. Hi! Cute blog here! new follower from blogfrog!
    Hope you stop by too!


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