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Monday, August 16, 2010

anyone been watching design star?
i certainly have.
and i love emily's style.
i feel like i could probably live in her home.
sit on her couch.
and wear her clothes.

{i bet we have similar playlist on our iPods}

here's a shot from her portfolio
i would never pick this rug.
but i LOVE it in this room.

then i found this on her blog: The Brass Petal

this is where she blogs from.
of course i went back and read old posts. 
and found this one.
i found it interesting
 because i took a quiz today
 and it said that my style is Scandinavian.

i really hope emily wins.
i'd watch her show.
michael's cool and all
but i love david bromstad too much
 to accept michael into my hgtv world.

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