Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to Connor Airlines

"C" is for Connor

the spread and the mommy-to-be!

there were so many babies and mommies-to-be at Maggie's shower on Sunday!

Emma was very unsure about all these people invading her house!

Asher was sleepy most of the time but very much awake here! 

Brody was so cute and very well mannered!

and little Avery Bell was sleepy sleepy but oh-so-cute in her little dress and PASSED out in Aunt Karen's lap.

too much cake??


  1. this is so adorable, what a cute theme!
    thanks for linking up to free-day friday!

    -kim @ Graceful Bear!

  2. I love that airplane basket on the table. What a cool party theme. The letter blocks as a decoration are such a good idea too!


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