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Things I wish I knew a year ago | A Guest Post

Hi Everyone! My name is Krista and I blog over at The Quinntessential Mommy. I'm a wife and a mom of 2 kids. By day I'm an adjunct professor and by night I'm a blogger and a writer. Before I dive in to my post today, I want to thank Stephanie for sharing her space with me today and letting me connect with you. I hope Stephanie is at home enjoying those precious early moments with her new baby boy.

My own baby boy is about to turn one and this has brought up so many emotions for me. A year ago I was waiting and wishing and dreaming about the little person inside me. And now here we are, almost 12 months later, and he's no longer an infant who needs me for everything. He's figuring out the world around him and he's loving every moment of it. He's crawling and cruising his way toward toddlerhood and I'm relishing every bit of it.
The Quinntessential Mommy

Before Nicholas was born, I thought I was ready for a second baby. And I was. And I also wasn't. Because how can you really prepare to meet the new love of your life? The one who has spent 9 whole months as a part of your body but is about to become a real live human being. The one who kept you awake, kicking and rolling around in your belly, but who is, really, still a stranger.

So in honor of Baby Clark #2's arrival, here are a few things I wish I knew a year ago.

When baby number two comes along you'll simultaneously feel like an old pro at motherhood and a complete newbie. All newborns require the same thing: food, clean diapers, a safe place sleep and love. And since you have one already, you'll be good at learning what this second one needs a little more quickly. You'll probably be more relaxed about things too. But, then there's the problem that this baby is not the same as the other baby. So if your first was a great sleeper, the second may or may not be. If the first cried a lot, the second might be more willing to go with the flow (which is usually the case with the second baby because they have no choice. They're often at the mercy of their older sibling's schedule). I was--and continue to be--so surprised to see where my two are alike and where they are vastly different. It's like watching my own little science experiments :) At 4 years old and 11 months, I can already see the huge differences in their personalities and I can't wait to watch them grow and see how this manifests itself in the future.

Your older child will adjust. Sure there will be hard times, but you will all be fine. Better than fine. You'll all be happier and there will be more love. I remember a year ago I was so scared that the arrival of a sibling was going to ruin my daughter Gia's happy little life. And then I'd feel guilty for thinking of the new baby as anything but a major blessing for all of us. It turns out that Gia loves her brother more than we could have ever imagined. She is sweet to him in ways I never expected and he just adores her. In fact, that's one of the things that has surprised me most about having two children. The love these two have for each other is just beautiful to watch.


Another thing that surprised me? My day to day life is quite different now than it used to be. You can't really know what it's like to have two little people depending on you until it happens. You thought you were busy with just one child, but #2 brings it to a whole other level. For a long time I kept thinking "Wow that was a busy week. Next week will be less crazy." And then the following week would come and it wouldn't be any less busy. It took me a while to realize that no.time.for.anything was the new normal. By the time both kids were in bed at night -- which used to be my time to do a quick tidy up around then house and then spend time writing or blogging-- I'd be too tired to more than stare at the TV. I quickly learned to just go with it. Do what you can and don't beat yourself up about what doesn't get done. Messy playroom? Dishes perpetually in the sink? Laundry piled everywhere? Not a big deal. If everyone is fed and generally happy, you've done your job and you've done it well.

And, really, that's been the name of the game around here since our little Nicholas arrived on the scene. Go with the flow. And be happy. We laugh a lot and have fun doing the most mundane things. Sure we do dishes and laundry and carpool to gymnastics and figure out which kid needs to be where at what time. But we also hug and snuggle and spend time together whenever we can. Because the number one thing I've learned this year is that these moments with my kids -- just as they are now -- are fleeting. Forget "time flies"...time positively disappears into thin air when you have a second child. Before I know it this stage of will be over. And I want to make sure I've stored up as many memories of these precious days as I can.

Catch the Moment 365 | Week 41

What can I say? Life with a newborn and a toddler is not for the weak. Many days I don't even feel like picking up my camera, so thank goodness for my phone. Some days I know all I'll get is an out-of-focus snapshot and I'm okay with that. I'm not giving up. I've taken thousands of photos of the boys in the last three weeks and hope to share more with you as I am able. Right now though, we are working on getting Mr. Ezra fattened back up and celebrating Jonah's 3rd birthday. 

Every day is different. Some are awesome and over the top filled with happy squishy love but others have been so trying I'm left with nothing but a feeling of defeat. Even with that feeling of defeat though - we get up and make the most of our days. Even if that means movies on the couch and toys all over the floor. 

281|365 Exhibit A- blurry photo, hungry baby, nursing tank, and always the center of attention toddler... check!




284|365 This was an especially trying day, but looking at this boy I can't even count my blessing they are so great!
275|365 Why waste a perfectly good rain storm by watching from the porch? 


Thanks as always for being a part of this journey with us.

Every Friday Sarah, Mindi, and I host a place for photographers of all kinds to share, explore, grow and connect. Our common goal: one photo, every day, for three hundred and sixty five days. Whether you are using a fancy smancy professional camera, your first DSLR, a point and shoot, or your ever-so-handy phone camera, we want to see your photos! We want to see the moments you caught each day. How amazing will it be to see each of us accomplish something that seems so big? For more info on how to join in start here.

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Easy to make desserts | Chocolate Pumpkin Pudding Pie

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnackPackMixins#CollectiveBias

We are still adjusting to life with two kiddos around here and are still working on a good routine (which will then change - right?). As Fall really rolls in, I have been craving everything pumpkin and spice and apple etc etc. Unfortunately, my time at the grocery store and in the kitchen have been very limited so far - maybe we'll be in the swing of things by Thanksgiving. Anyway, I wanted to put together a super easy recipe with a little pumpkin flair and using simple ingredients. What's easier than pudding cups? So, I'm going to show you an easy version of pumpkin pie that literally takes minutes to whip together. 


Shopping List/Ingredients

  • Chocolate Snack Pack Pudding cups
  • Vanilla Snack Pack Pudding cups
  • 1 can Pumpkin Puree
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • 1 Pie Crust (I used Graham Cracker)
  • Oreos
  • Reddi Whip


  1. Mix 4 Cups of Vanilla Pudding, Pumpkin Puree, and Pumpkin Pie Spice to taste (1-2 tablespoons) in a mixing bowl. Chill for 5-10 minutes
  2. Pour 2 Chocolate Pudding cups into pie crust. Spread evenly with spoon or spatula
  3. Add Pumpkin mixture to fill pie crust.
  4. Optional; Crush Oreos for topping
  5. Add Reddi Whip and a touch of pumpkin pie spice

Using the short cuts here like Snack Pack Pudding makes this even more simple. We found Snack Pack at Walmart, it tastes great and contains the same amount of calcium as an 8 oz glass of milk. Score! Check out more Fall recipes below! 

Catch the Moment 365 | Weeks 38, 39 & 40

I have officially missed THREE whole weeks of posting 365 photos. I couldn't quite get it together the week before Ezra arrived but I'm giving myself a pass and just catch up as I can! So, today I'm just going to show you guys the highlights!

260|365 I can always count on cousin Benjamin for a little vheese!
 272|365 And the big day came!

 274|365 Meet Ezra




Thanks as always for being a part of this journey with us.

Every Friday Sarah, Mindi, and I host a place for photographers of all kinds to share, explore, grow and connect. Our common goal: one photo, every day, for three hundred and sixty five days. Whether you are using a fancy smancy professional camera, your first DSLR, a point and shoot, or your ever-so-handy phone camera, we want to see your photos! We want to see the moments you caught each day. How amazing will it be to see each of us accomplish something that seems so big? For more info on how to join in start here.

Ezra Oliver | September 29, 2014

We welcomed the most precious gift from God on Monday, September 29, 2014 at 1:54 PM.
He was 8 pounds and 14 ounces with the most beautiful chubby little face I have ever seen!

Meet Ezra Oliver Clark. The newest member of our family. 

Today, he is 10 days old and though the newborn days are filled with struggles, we are so happy he has made us a family of four. I am looking forward to writing down his birth story and all of our newborn adventures, but the past week and a half have been filled with visiting family, snuggles, playing with my big boy, and getting over the obstacles that come with birthing an almost nine pound baby or just plain giving birth. Each day my body feels a little stronger and my mind clears a little more giving me a chance to share more than just the little snippets on social media. Thank you for all your support, prayers, and cheering! 

Behind the Moment: Photographer Stories | Angie's 365

As part of Catch the Moment 365 we are featuring participants of the project monthly. Angie of Angie's Angle has been participating in the project since it started at the beginning of the year. I’m so happy to share her photography story with you today. Be sure to comment and show her some love today!

When and how did you discover and fall in love with photography?

I've been in love with photography for as long as I can remember. I remember growing up being in love with looking at the photo albums around the house, no matter how many times I looked through them I was always taken back and would find something new in them. 

I have to say as an adult though, my true love of photography bloomed full force when we buy a Nikon D500 for us. I was so excited to get amazing photos to always treasure and looked forward to learning the camera and all its features. Now though several years later and I still haven't even touched the advance features on the camera.
I think one of the most amazing places to go and take a million photos is an old castle somewhere. Even the old houses we walk by in our neighborhood I tell my husband I so want to see the inside of that house and that house. I have a thing with being inside an old house with its history and quirks. So many stories to be told and have been told. 
It doesn't have to be an exact place, just somewhere old and amazing.

If you could take a photo walk anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you bring with you?

So many places come to mind, but the person always by my side is my husband.

Who/What are your favorite photography subjects?

While I love taking pictures of people, my thing seems to be flowers. I love taking pictures of flowers and tend to think I do a pretty good job at capturing them. I especially get excited when I catch some kind of bug in the flower and they pop out in the photo.

Is there anything you hope to accomplish in regards to photography in the next year?

Beginning Catch the Moment 365 this past year one of my goals was to learn my manual mode more and while I have played with it some I don't think I have actually learned a thing. I need to find a way to actually learn and start using that manual feature and really advance myself. I'd also like to get myself a macro lens to take even more amazing flower pictures.

A little more from Angie about her 365 experience: 

Starting this Catch the Moment 365 journey got me excited.  I had tried to do a month theme challenge before and completely failed, so I was hoping that I wouldn't fail for this huge challenge.  Taking a single photo every day seemed easy.  But there are nights where its 11 and I am getting ready for bed and realize oh no I haven't gotten a photo yet.  So I scramble to get something.  Not having kids and taking this journey seems harder to me, yes I have a four-legged baby and take quite a few photos of her, but I try to add in some splashes of different cause no one wants to see a full 7 days of Roxy.  Especially when they are all seem almost the same.  

I am happy to say I have made it this far and I see no problem me making it the whole year.  Who knows I may just continue on taking a single photo every single day after this challenge.  Maybe I'll find another yearly challenge to take part in, because its sure help keeping me on point getting those photos every day.  I have captured some amazing photos just by being reminded that I need a photo today.  I have to admit that I haven't been great with the commenting on everyone's lovely photos in the link-ups like I thought I would be since I do love going to see others photos, which I am not sure why besides sometimes feeling overwhelmed with what I feel I have to do or even want to do.
My love of photos has been with me for as long as I can remember, as I noted in the questions.  I love taking them, I love seeing my own photos and I love seeing others photos.  Which is one thing I love about facebook seeing all the photos people post.  I actually started scrapbooking several years back because my love of all things photos.  I did that for several years in the old fashion of paper and have several albums to show for it, but somewhere along the line I either got busy or just lazy and haven't touched my paper scrapbooking supplies in ages.  I really want to change that because I think there is something amazing about having an album all done up and documenting those special moments to look back at with ease.

This journey has been amazingly fun for me though and I look forward to the rest of the year and see what I can capture.  Bringing my camera with me everywhere has almost become habit, which I love. I love that I have captured some of the things I wouldn't normally and laugh at some of the photos I ended up taking because I needed a photo for the day.

You can follow Angie's journey of photos, love, laughter and family with facebooktwitterinstagrampinterest, or bloglovin.

Maternity Photos | Mother and Son

At a little over 34 weeks, we had my childhood friend Katie of Mary Moment Photography, who is a wonderful and inspiring local photographer over to take some maternity photos for us. If you follow the blog on Facebook or me on instagram you may have seen a few of these. I also shared some she took in our bedroom on my Bump Update last week. I love how these turned out, so wanted to share a few with you here. I hope you enjoy. I just love the feeling of capturing motherhood in this form.

We will have what might be out last doctors appointment this morning. I just can't wait to see baby brother and snuggle him in my arms. So many firsts (the second time around) are coming for us very soon and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for this little boy, his big brother, and Wesley and I as their parents. Pray for us, wish us luck, and let the transition from one to two advice roll in! We love you all!